We are an independent design studio specialized in the creation of identities and development of personalized projects. We offer an integral service, designed to solve any problem that arises: from the early stages of development, to the final market positioning of the brand. Our ambition is to offer the highest quality design to our clients. One that withstands the passing of time, one that enhances the brand it represents. Attractive, elegant and effective.

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Ander García

Account Manager / Brand Strategist



Ander’s commitment is to introduce and position your brand or business in the market. He has worked for companies such as Bombardier or Google Dublin, and currently he alternates jobs between Madrid and Bilbao. A commercial strategist, he becomes a bulwark towards web positioning for the brands he works for.

Borja Tundidor

Creative Writer



After fooling around with every discipline in the world of art, I settled down with the most peaceful: writing. That is the reason why after my graduation, I took a degree in film screenplay in the Barcelona Film School, combining it with working in other fields such as creative fiction or film critic.

Kiko García

Designer / Developer



Kiko is the best designer and web developer we could have found. He manipulates the code as he pleases and makes it comprehensible for the rest of the team. He is a graduated architectural technologist, with more than ten years of experience in the field of architectural design and programming. A natural builder, a diligent and persevering talent. If something breaks, he not only fixes it, he upgrades it.

Erik Zarraga

Designer / Illustrator



Erik is the man in charge of directing the creative aspects in the studio. After taking a degree in fine arts, he left for Barcelona to broaden his education by taking a degree in illustration in its most creative form. He is a thinker with great love for detail, but with a particular internal fight: he defends simplicity in design, but secretly admires overelaborate illustrations.

Jon Ander Malaina

Photographer - Partner



Friends from childhood and Erik’s classmate in university, Jonan developed his aptitudes in the area of photography and audiovisuals. His courage and stoicism has helped him direct short films and advertising campaigns of all type. Black belt in karate, he uses his aplomb to perform his job as a photographer.

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