Our methodology can be summarized in three basic steps which portrait our working process, as well as the importance we attach to communication and understanding what the client needs.

01. Immersion and consensus.

Initial contact with the client, getting to know the brand and needs risen. We elaborate a first draft with the possible solutions the studio can provide to the project.

Sharing our client’s needs and the solutions offered by Banila in order to find what is adequate and efficient for the project. We produce a document with conclusions.

On this basis, we elaborate a detailed budget for the client to revise and subsequently approve. Paying methods and times are flexible, adaptable to each project.

02. Proposal, resources and tools.

Through a custom questionnaire, we obtain useful information on the conceptualization and maturation of the idea. Establishing a fluid communication and an in depth knowledge of what our client wants is prime in the process.

Taking the results into account, we produce a report with possible creative solutions, which will serve as a guide in creative development.

We elaborate a presentation with visual references, examples and specific creative concepts for the project.

03. Resolution

Custom and specific design, based on project needs, guided by the references and creative concepts previously approved by the client. Communication and feedback will be constant all along the process.

Presenting the finished design and applying it to all of the different formats and supports, both printed and digital.


Our services. Conformed to your needs.

Banila offers a broad spectrum of first-class professional services related to design and branding strategy.
Each project is special to us. This applies not only to the final product, but to the developing process as well.

  • Logotype
  • Naming
  • Iconography
  • Identity System
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery
  • Website Responsive Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Support and Hosting
  • E-Commerce
  • Newsletter
  • Brand Analysis and Positioning
  • Marketing Planning
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Analytics and Metrics
Content Creation
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Screenplay
  • Copywriting